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Eric and Elton


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Nice photo, thanks Aventurine! At the time of this photo, I worshiped both as my favorite artists, with Eric Carmen in the lead by a nose.

Uber talented time for both, as Kirk said, Elton would soon transition into 80s Elton, which was good, but imo a far cry from 70s Elton. Eric would put out 3 more superb albums in the following 4 years.

Blue Moves was a double album. It´s one of those that, imo, should have been a one discer. If you cut the minutes in half, and place the best songs on the album onto one disc, it would have been a monster, as great or greater than any of his prior albums. The first side is one of the best sides of music ever made.



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Hmm.... I'm a huge Elton fan. Until his Caribou album, I thought he could do no wrong but I thought with that one, he made a pretty average album. He bounced back in a big way with Captain Fantastic. Rock Of The Westies was the first album of his that I could say I didn't like. I thought Blue Moves was a train wreck and double album wreck at that. I still couldn't make an album I like even if I did what you suggest and make a single disc of my favorites. Thank goodness for Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word or it would have no redeeming qualities at all in my opinion.

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So I felt challenged, and I decided to create a new 1-Disc version of Blue Moves. With songs re-ordered so as to be under 25 minutes per side, this is what I came up with:

Side 1:

Your Starter For


Shoulder Holster

Between 17 And 20

Someone's Final Song


Side 2:

One Horse Town

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

Boogie Pilgrim

Cage The Songbird

Crazy Water


I'm left with an album that I like more than I like Rock Of The Westies.

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