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Backstage At The Greek


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What’s the story, Bern?...Is Eric officially retired?...What happened to that solo show he was gonna do but couldn’t find a proper date because Streisand was booked in the place already...Does he ever get the urge to do something “live” after these one shot appearances like this Ringo anniversary thing?...or does he have nothing left(songwriting wise)...The Winter Dreams albums contained very few “new songs” with older things and some covers...Why on earth did they go into a studio in L.A. and record covers during the reunion tour...?Why bother?...And the IWBWY remake on VH1?...Did the network want an older song?...It seemed like a perfect opportunity to showcase something new...

My guess is he’s has some sort of “writer’s block” and is not interested enough to bust through it...

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Lew, while you're waiting for Bernie to chime in...a couple of observations: 

I think Brand New Year came pretty easily to Eric, so the goods are still in him.  The way people listen to music, the way they buy music; the entire music business- Eric has talked about the paradigm shift- that it might not be worth the blood, sweat, and tears to make an album that might not reach his audience and there may not be any $$$ in it for him.  The one thing that might get him back out there for more than a one-night stand would be if Amy wanted to see her rock star hubby shining bright in his own light...

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 After we felt the chill in the air in upstate NY we headed south.

I am currently in sunny south Florida for Christmas. My mom is not doing well.

We have been in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Corsica, Italy, Monaco this year.

I did not lose a dime in Monaco.... my husband not so much.

We want to pack in as much travel while we can enjoy, life is short.


 In the coming new year we are planning a wedding for our oldest son.


 BTW - My eyes are not bluish purple, but the

twitch is real


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