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Double Fantasy

susie b

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Most covers of EC's classic, All By Myself, fall into three main categories: acceptable, mediocre, and abominable.

Of course there sometimes is a rare and shining moment when a good cover is uploaded.

EVERYONE wants to cover this song well, but that club has a short list of membership.

So, my question is, who would you nominate get a shot at joining the ABM Hall of Fame?

Who would you choose to get a shot at doing this 20th century classic Carmen/Rachmaninoff composition justice?

It can be any singer, past or present from any musical gendre.

They just have to sing the song as it should be sung...

Crazy stupid vocal gymnastics substituting for poor emotive and storytelling skills will result in an automatic disqualification as well as a permanent ban on that artist's permission to sing EC penned songs.

Who in your opinion is good enough to make the grade?

I think my first nomination will be Miss Karen Carpenter.

Her voice was rich and lush with excellent pitch control, and Karen was a master at telling emotional stories through song.

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