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Lew Bundles

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If you were about to die but were allowed one song to listen to, which one would it be and why?
— Tim Hanson, Senior Principal Statistician at Medtronic (2017-present)

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Answered Dec 4, 2016

"Go all the way" by the Raspberries. It modulates three times effortlessly, has the most badass intro and bridge ever ("c'mon...C'MON...I need ya...C'MON..."), is happy, crunchy, guitar-soaked, harmony-drenched fun, and even though the song is about sex, it could also be about going all the way to the end of your life and ending on a happy note(s). The first time I heard this song as a kid I couldn't believe such a perfect song could even be written. 

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I would say "GATW". Can't tell you how many times I went to bat for the band as a teenager and that song was always the one no one could come back at me with any negatives. You'd think I'd choose a Beatles song, but everybody likes the Beatles in some form (except hipsters who just like saying it along with no tv). I went to war for the Raspberries!

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