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Fess up, Bernie...

Lew Bundles

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15 hours ago, Raspbernie said:

Internet Message Boards are dead. While I applaud everyone's valiant efforts to keep this one going, it will probably be gone, too. 

That's just the way it is.



Bernie, don't make me drag out your quote about keeping the message board going LOL!  

I guess I'm with Lew on this one- I don't really get why Eric would quit posting here entirely.  Twitter, et all, are o.k. for a shot gun style of posting, but Eric has loyal fans here who are solely here because of their love for his music.  His interaction with us in the past was stimulating to all involved.  Why abandon a platform that has that kind of dedication?    

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On ‎2019‎年‎9‎月‎26‎日 at 0:25 PM, susie b said:

There certainly is something special about this message board.

I did join the Brian Wilson message board but left after a day or so.  The people seemed nice enough, but it just lacked that je ne sais quoi that only EC.com has.



Sadly to say....EC.com once had,  it's over now.
The internet has had a positive influence on how people communicate all over the world.
However it has almost changed.
People toward outside 2000's,  therefore people are introverted  and  tend to show their reluctance.
They toward private matters, don't like to descuss with oher people
It seems that World has small.

And Eric loves to stay on twitter and chose to communicate with other ordinary fans.

I believed Eric is waiting for a chance to camming back to our message board,
so I dare to wrote some radical post when Bernie once decided to close here last year (I'm sorry Bernie!).
I thought if Eric and members remind their LOVE on this board.
Then they didn't back....
If Bernie will decide to close the board,
I will support his decision on this time.

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