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Piano demos


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Almost Paradise (Piano demo)
Never gonna fall in love again (Piano demo)
Foolin myself (Piano demo)
She remembered (Piano demo)

Hey EC fans
Looking for these piano demos which I think were around at some point on this site. Hopefully someone who has been around for a while has them? Drop me a PM if you can send any my way.

There's something pure about a Piano demo I think. Often a raw demo has that something special that tends to get lost with a subsequent studio re-recording, or tinkering & overdubbing.

Feel free to let me know your favourite piano ballad, can be from Eric or anyone else. Always up for finding some new music or artists.


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I wish I had downloaded and saved all these over the years. In fact, there are more... In 2007, Bernie started a Boats Against the Current blog populated by recollections and analysis from Bernie, (the late) Don Krider, and yours truly, and on one of the posts, I mentioned that there were piano demos of "She Did It," "Run Away," and the unreleased "Temporary Hero" posted at EC.com at the time. (It's the last post, called "Building a Better Boats," here: http://ericcarmen.blogspot.com.) In fact, the latter two were actually linked within this blog, but they're now broken links. 

Wouldn't it be nice to have a whole album of unreleased demos? 

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Yes! That would be fantastic...There's something about just a voice and a piano that can take a song to a different place. I always thought the best Springsteen tour (that I heard some music from) was the Devil's & Dust tour where he reconfigured a lot of old tracks on the piano.

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