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Another topic from that EC forum I found...Opinions on Change of Heart Album...

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4 hours ago, Kirk said:

This record always seems to have a diverse cross-section of opinions...

Well, it definitely had tough acts to follow—the Arista debut and then (to me, Eric's high point of creativity) Boats Against the Current. So... Change of Heart doesn't have quite the pop punch and freshness of Eric Carmen (Arista) or the poetic brilliance and musical intensity of Boats, but by itself, it's a pretty strong collection. Any album with "Desperate Fools," "Hey Deanie," "Someday," and "Heaven Can Wait" is a keeper.  

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Eric on "Change of Heart":

"One of the things I find most satisfying, when I listen to "The Essential..." is that, with the exception of "Change Of Heart", there isn't a single song I would arrange differently if I went into the studio to record it today. The arrangement on "Change Of Heart" places it firmly in 1978. That's the only arrangement I would re-work if I had the chance. It was the one time in my recording career that I gave in to "the trend."

The demo version on this website gives you a better idea of where that song should have gone.

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I love just about everything Our Hero has put out but this has always been my fave of all his album. Solid from front to back, there's not a song that I skip nor anything I ever get tired of listening to.

I might have to bust this out now and give it a spin while trying to figure out if this is the first online post I've ever written where I used the word "Nor".....

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I just listened again to the demo. Yes, this is way better. Undressing "Change of Heart"—peeling away all that production—puts the melody front and center. And it's great! 

Don't forget, it came out at the height of the disco era. While the officially released "Change of Heart" isn't really a disco track, it's definitely got some of the trappings. 

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