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Starting Over... A New Album Collection

susie b

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As mentioned in LC's bumped album cover thread, I lost most of my music collection to my house fire.

Spending hours flipping through the bins of used record stores has always been a passion, but now online shopping helps with the rare titles.

Boy, the prices have sure gone up!

I think on average, I spent $5.00 per album for new releases over the years, obviously more on imports and rarities.

My $5.00 doesn't go that far anymore.

Also, I find there are some titles I won't bother to replace.


So, Gentle Reader, here is my question to you...

If you lost your music collection, what would be your top five albums to replace?


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Not necessarily in order, but then again, it actually might be...I’ll limit it to one per group or it would end up all Beatles...

1.) Abbey Road...Incomparable...The jewel in a treasure chest full of precious stones...

2.) Ram...Mccartney’s Jewel in a treasure chest full of precious stones...

3.) Straight Up...Badfinger’s jewel in a (You know the rest)...

4.) Starting Over...Raspberries...Hope Bonfanti doesn't see this...

5.) Something/Anything.(Rundgren)...Twilley Don’t Mind, (Dwight  Twilley)...Laughing InThe Dark(Pezband), ....When You Were Mine(John Waite)...In Color(Cheap Trick) And Since Bernie picked Day At The Races, I’ll bring News Of The World(Queen)...Maybe, Bernie will be stranded on the same island so I could borrow some of the Eric albums...

P.S....I cheated...I listed more than 5...Bernie could edit my post...He should be used to that...:D

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No, I grew up mostly in the 70s.....didn't like the Beatles enough to dig back in time to explore their music in depth. I prefer Paul Mac solo to the Beatles. I've bought 4 or 5 Beatles albums recently...added Abby today.

Hope I passed the Inquisition?    :-)


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I'm working all weekend and can't really say I'm all here (easy Lew), but here's five off the top of my head:

1: Raspberries- Starting Over

2: Eric Carmen- Tonight You're Mine

3. Eric Carmen- Geffen

Since I only have 2 left...

4. Beatles- have to be some kind of Greatest Hits with only 2 selections left

5. Beach Boys- same situation...some kind of Greatest Hits package


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Susie! You are TOUGH! Except I'm thinking about your question: the "first five" I'd replace doesn't mean I wouldn't get around to replacing several hundred. It's just—the five that I'd need right away. Here they are, as of today: 

1. Beatles: Let It Be
2. Beatles: The White Album
3. Eric Carmen: Boats Against the Current
4. Raspberries Best Featuring Eric Carmen (that awesome 1976 compilation)
5. John Stewart: Gold 

I know that list is all that's required here, but... please indulge my explanations (or, of course, you can just move on to the next response).

Anyway, the first four on my list are sort of self-explanatory, because, well, I'm here. As Eric wanted to tell John Lennon when he met him, "If not for the Beatles, there'd be no me," or something to that effect.  

For me, the later Beatles struck a chord, and Let It Be was one of the first LPs I ever bought. It's so great, still—"Two of Us," "I've Got a Feeling," "Across the Universe," "Get Back," the iconic "Let It Be," and my favorite, "The Long and Winding Road." And The White Album—I loved the "branching out" the Beatles were doing at the time. It's still an album I can listen to and hear new things. 

Boats is probably the album I've played more than any other in my collection. And Raspberries' Best would be right up there—I'd want it for the "four horny singles" on Side 1, the tour-de-force "I Can Remember," and the pop masterpieces "Overnight Sensation" and "Let's Pretend."

But what about my fifth choice? What is that, you're wondering?

Well, it's an awesome career-spanning compilation from the late, great John Stewart, somebody I got to know as a friend and who I admired greatly. 

Every story ever written about Stewart mentioned that the singer/songwriter/guitarist:
• wrote "Daydream Believer" for the Monkees shortly after leaving The Kingston Trio.
• traveled in 1968 with Bobby Kennedy on his whistle-stop train tours—truly "the last campaign," as John called it.
• had several solo hits, including "Gold," "Lost Her in the Sun," and "Midnight Wind" (all featuring Lindsey Buckingham and/or Stevie Nicks).
• penned a number of hits for others, including the moving "Runaway Train" and "Dance with the Tiger" for Rosanne Cash.

But there's so much more to John's career, and lately, I've been digging deeper than ever into his catalog, which numbered more than 50 albums of material, including his Kingston Trio work. HIs brand of pure Americana music is just... stunning. And so, his Gold compilation is one I'd replace pronto.

Recently, John's music got major exposure because of the film Apollo 11, which featured his "Mother Country" at a pivotal moment. "Mother Country" was a favorite song of astronaut Buzz Aldrin's, so he brought it with him on the mission via a special playback machine that was an early sort of Walkman. The scene with "Mother Country" is very moving—it's the song the astronauts actually had playing as they sped back into Earth's orbit. I couldn't help but get a little choked up when I saw it—partly because of the triumph of the moment itself, and partly because John deserved that kind of exposure. He was that good! 

A P.S. for Susie: John wrote a number of songs where horses play a role, and "Mother Country" was one of them. He was really into horses, and if you listen to (especially) his 1980s-2000s work, you hear a lot of songs that have a sort of "trotting" percussive feel—he loved the sound of trotters.

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Well, I wouldn't wait very long after replacing those five to get the next five... which I have earmarked as:

6. Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour
7. Beach Boys: Endless Summer
8. Fleetwood Mac: Tusk
9. Raspberries: Starting Over
10. John Stewart: Bombs Away Dream Babies

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On 7/23/2019 at 0:18 AM, PaulMaul said:

Limiting it to one Beatles album...

1. Beatles - Revolver

2. The Who Sell Out

3. Partridge Family - Sound Magazine

4. Blue Oyster Cult - Secret Treaties

5.  Todd Rundgren - S/A

Honorable Mention....

Bee Gees First

Eric Carmen 1975

PaulMaul! Great list, and it's extremely cool to see you chime in. I totally buy in to Revolver... on a lot of days, it's my favorite Beatles album, hands-down. Yet... I didn't have it on my first five list OR my second-five list. 

I don't know the Bee Gees First record but now I need to check it out....

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@James Hope you enjoy the Partridge Family album ol’ pal! The PF LPs have much richer arrangements than the versions shown on the TV show. Like the Monkees they are a combination of songwriting pros, great studio musicians and vocalists, and David Cassidy’s inimitable singing. But Sound Magazine is by far their best in my opinion.


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Re: Partridge Family... I remember we had that album (on 8-track!) and it was in heavy rotation for a while.

But wait—studio musicians? You mean Laurie wasn't playing keyboards and Danny wasn't playing bass? And the little blond kid wasn't actually drumming? Yikes! (lol) 

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