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You cannot listen to this version...


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Twenty-Five seconds in and I'm trying to decide what the best part of the video is. Is it:

1. The coughing she does before the song starts

2. The pained expression on her face as she *ahem* sings

3. The voice that only one with no ears can truly love

But, hey, gotta give her an "A" for effort. Either that or the guts to post it, you decide....


PS: Made it 30 seconds before I had to shut it off. A little pain never hurt anybody but you gotta draw the line somewhere......

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On 6/29/2019 at 8:17 AM, Raspbernie said:

In her posting of the video on YouTube she says, "Let's make this popular again! Love this song. I take music lessons."

Thinking she might want to get a refund for those music lessons.


Bernie...the fine print on her music lesson contracts states “No refunds for any reason” per instructor Yoko Ono...


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