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Hello from a newbie


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Hi. Newbie here. Am from far away in NZ. Always been a power pop fan. Not sure which came first, Big Star or the Raspberries (or maybe backwards from Teenage Fanclub/The Posies). From the Raspberries it was onto EC solo albums, which I think I prefer more. Some people seem to like his 'rockers' more than his 'ballads' and therefore don't like his solo stuff as much, or certain albums within it that are more ballad heavy. What can I say am a suckker for a goood old 80s power ballad, as I grew up in that era and still know all the words to a bunch a terrible songs that I would never admit to. Always liked ECs way with a ballad even the sappy ones everyone thinks are lame and should have been left off the albums. Something about his voice and those swelling strings, the sophistiction of the melodies, the chords and key changes. I think he is unparalleled in that area which, other than Kyle Vincent, seems a bit of a lost art these days.
Managed to pick up the Japanese issues of some of solo albums a while back with some unreleased tracks on them. Found my way here after finding this post of google:
Not sure how this place works? Have found a couple of MP3s embedded into posts, but there doesnt seem to be a
place for multimedia stuff (though I think there was at some point?)
If anyone is up for passing on some tracks to a newbie I'd be forever in your debt. If you guys dont do that kind of thing no worries & cheers from down under.

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Hi Mark- welcome aboard!  You'll be happy to know you are not the only person from NZ on the message board.  Although he is not currently participating on the message board, there are a ton of posts on many different topics that Eric contributed to.  There is a lot of info to be gleaned from searching the different topics.  Enjoy!  Kirk  

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