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Lisa R.I.P.

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I met Jay through EC.com and, through the fantasy baseball league I started here in 2006, became fast friends. I met Lisa through Jay, and got to kibitz with them at the Highline in NYC in 2007. Lisa was so likable and sweet, and I envied how tight she and Jay were—they seemed to always be going to concerts and baseball games and hanging with Dave Smalley, Al Kaston, and all types of music people. 

Life is so unfair to take Lisa, but we know she’s in a better place, and those of us she touched were lucky to have connected. Rest In Peace, Lisa. 😢

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Thank you all for the love and support. I am so blessed to have had my best friend for over half of my life. We really took life for a ride!!! Some of our best times were spent with some of you, enjoying the music. This is such a wonderful group of friends that we have here.

I promised her that I would be strong, and make her proud of me. I know that every tear and every feeling of loss reflects on the incredible love we share. She has always been so caring, and strong. I feel like a blind man in the woods without her. 

From all of my heart I thank you.


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A beautiful tribute Jay...I met Lisa a few times...a wonderful girl. You guys were lucky to have had each other for so long...Keep that in your heart and memory forever and hang in there the best you can...P.S....you would have been proud of her as she, in your honor,  “jumped up on the table” at the WAB one year....Very cool and loving...

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The 'EC.com family' has given a lot of us friendships we wouldn't have otherwise known.  Some are just internet buddies, some we've met at concerts, and some have become almost daily 'family' members. 

Jay, I'm glad you're finding comfort and peace in the knowledge that you and Lisa shared a wonderful life together.  And I hope this extended 'family' brings you some solace during this time.  You're in my thoughts and prayers.


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