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Dateline NBC: Timeline

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Back around the late 90's, Jane Pauley did a segment called "Dateline Timeline". Now the Dateline Timeline, all of the following events happened the third week of January, do you know what year it was? Forgot the headlines (but I am not sure if Jane Pauley said this though, the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl) & the top movie at the box office BUT Pauley said on TV, "Rhoda" starring Valerie Harper was big & Eric Carmen had a song on the charts "All by myself, don't wanna be all by myself anymore" All right what year was it 1975, 1976 or 1977, the answer when Dateline continues after these messages from your local station. So what year was it (blank), "Rhoda" hits big & "All By Myself" hits the charts, it all happened the third week of January 1976!!  From our studios in New York, here again is Stone Phillips.   But that is all that I can think of back then.   Matt     

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I use to love watching Dateline NBC and (The Timeline). All the greats are gone or replaced. Almost, everything great (shows, movies, etc) back then has been done and they are just trying to redo that great stuff and make it worse. I sure don't miss watching tv anymore Matt.


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