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Teddy Does Eric


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I have always been a huge fan of the singer Teddy Pendergrass but somehow this version snuck by me. I am in the process of watching the new showtime documentary about him called “if you don’t know me”  and in the background I heard the piano Interlude done so I looked it up on YouTube and here you have it! 


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On 2/12/2019 at 9:47 PM, Kirk said:

Well, I like Teddy, but I didn't care for that version at all- a little too 'stylized' for me; also, it gets old when the singer comes in on the back beat for the entire song...

What Kirk said.

I consider this song a lament.

The lyrics convey the emotional message quite clearly.

Artists who embellish ABM with vocal gymnastics miss the simple and poignant message.

I found it difficult to listen to this cover in its entirety.  It fatigued my ears.

The original EC version is perfection.


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I do know what you mean, Craig, an Susie, too. I hate when a singer goes all dramatic on a song to add his/her own stamp. I just heard a version of the Beatles' "Golden Slumbers" that I had to turn off after about a minute. She was wrecking it. It felt like she was doing all this "range" stuff for the sake of doing it. I can see why this Teddy cover might feel the same. But to my ears, he was more authentic in his connection to the song. So... I liked it. But that's the beauty of music... different strokes! 

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