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Dirty Dancing Medley


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Eric is rockin in his spiked jacket..... Love

I absolutly love  Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes voices together


but...... I truly wished Jennifer Warnes had a better personal stylist.

Super bad fem-tuxeto !!!!   ??

I don't know  her ........................but.. Jennifer W............. Unfortunate fashion choices :blink:


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I first became aware of this AMA Awards "Dirty Dancing" segment performance while digging around in Google Images and found some photos I'd not yet seen. I eventually ended up at this link: https://www.gettyimages.com/search/2/image?family=editorial&phrase=ERic carmen 1988 which has 14 photos taken live. There's just too much going on to believe that Eric was in "lip sync" mode? Because of how the balcony set he sings on opens up to the stage, I'm inclined to believe there was either a backing track or a live band involved. 

Eric Carmen AMA Awards Jan 25 1988.jpg

Eric Carmen AMA Awards Jan 1988.jpg

Eric Carmen AMA Awards balcony shot 1988.jpg

Eric Carmen AMA awards balcony shot 2 1988.jpg

Eric Carmen AMA Awards 1988.jpg

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