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HOF Let’s Make This Happen


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No question the boys belong in the rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame and nothing angers me more than seeing some of these light weights get put in ahead of them so I think we should start a thread and share  ideas about what we can do to make sure this happens no later than 2020.

 Please help add to this list of people you have read in interviews that have spoken about what an influence the band has been on their careers.....

Bruce Springsteen

 Paul Stanley

Jon Bon Jovi

Rick Spingfield

Joan Jett

Courtney Love

I feel this is the place where we can formulate a real campaign to make sure this happens.

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It's interesting: When you think about it, Raspberries were sort of a forgotten act in the 1980s, but later in that decade, I remember I started hearing about 'em. I was with CD Review mag at the time, and every time I'd mention a Raspberries reissue in print, I'd be pleasantly surprised by readers who wrote in to say "I loved the Raspberries!" At the same time, we started hearing artists paying homage, as your list points out. And then, in the 2000s, the reunion brought old fans out of the woodwork, with still more artists saying they were influenced by them. 

It would seem that between the 15 or so reunion shows between 2004 and 2009 and the release of two excellent live albums, there'd have been more momentum for HOF consideration. Yet it's all just whispers (most of them here?).

Meanwhile, in recent years we've seen everybody except Raspberries get welcomed into the Hall. The Zombies? Radiohead? The Cure? Joan Baez? (She's great, but... Rock'n'Roll?) 

So, with that bit grousing out of the way, here are a few names to add to the list:

Stevie Van Zandt 
Susanna Hoffs
Matthew Sweet
Dave Grohl? 

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 I think the thing that hurts the most is the fact that they only had four studio albums and they all came out within such a short period of time,  so  while there is a GREAT body of work, there is not a huge body of work, but the fact remains that part of the criteria for the rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame is for innovators and people that have influenced genres and with them now kind of being christened as the “godfathers of power pop”,  they should really be considered for that alone. 

 When I see people like grandmaster flash being inducted because he only had one hit,  but it led  to the roots of rap,  I feel that the berries great recordings led to the roots of power pop,  so what goes for one style of music, should also go for another.   I guarantee you that if you ask any current rappers they have no clue who grandmaster flash is but if you ask any current power pop guys they all know who the raspberries are, yet Flash is in and the Berries so far are not.

 The Hall has made up for some past oversights in the last five years and I think now is the time for us to put raspberries on the menu. 

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So there definitely would be support from Little Steven.  I was just listening to an episode of his underground garage radio show from November and he played “Tonight” and afterwards said “ The Raspberries invented power pop”. 

 Those are some big words… I love that. 

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A release of any 'new' material could help their case, even if it was recorded in the 70's and never released back then. They certainly belong in HOF besides anything new, but it does not hurt to muse about what can or will help the cause.  Are there any hidden or 'lost' recordings to speak of?

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