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Lew Bundles

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His first infraction was against me personally. It was pretty funny, even though I was the victim. He had started a thread if I recall, and I answered his initial post directly. He then edited his post 100%  and posted something completely different that made my answer post look villainous. It was very dirty what he did, I was pretty pissed then, but now I look back and laugh, and almost half admire his dastardliness.

His knowledge of music was very high, he was erudite with respect to music, maybe that´s why he wasn´t banned sooner than he was.

But yes, he in the end, was an internet terrorist who was stalking some here by e-mail, if I recall.

Life´s to short to hate, I hope he´s cleaned up his act and is doing well.


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He cyber stalked me...He told me that he was gonna murder me at one of the reunion shows...He was gonna wear a mask and open fire on me...Then, he had his boyfriend, Drew, post of his death ...Of course, he didn’t die(as of that point)...I remember his real name, but won’t post it here...He would say the nastiest stuff and 20 minutes later, he would delete/change it...

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