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Happy Birthday Lew !..


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Happy Birthday, Lew/Dave! Nice talking-to you today. Congrats on your appointment as Birthday Committee Chairman (BCC, not to be confused with the BBC). That'll look good on your resume... unless Bernie shuts the site down on 1/01. In that case, the span of your BCC tenure will be 12/29/18 through 12/31/18. Not sure how many birthdays will pop up in that span.... Here's hoping for a Bernie Reprieve! 


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Happy Birthday Lew Bundles. Aha!!!! After all these many years I have finally figured out how to post under other members names. I'm a genius. You can't close the board now that I have such power. With great power comes no responsibility. -Lew Bundles


P.S. Who shall I post as next? I know. Cubfan Mike. With this new power for sure it's going to be a Happy Lew Year

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