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Great Moments in EC.com History #12 — An Aggies survey


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Going way back to the board's earliest hours, our wonderful friend Jennifer, a.k.a. Aggies JC, caught on quickly with an interesting thread in March 2002. At the time, Bernie's bulletin board was just a baby. The Aggies thread "What EC fans listen to?" was one of the first to bust out (at least, as far as I can tell—I didn't join until 2005). Anyway, the 14 pages here amounts to a smorgasbord of recommendations from like-minded fans, starting with Jenn's nod to Fleetwood Mac (I'm right there with you!). Who needs those Spotify's "If you like this, you'll also like..." when we can re-read this thread?

There are certain acts that show up throughout the thread, not surprisingly: Beatles, Elton, Billy Joel, the Beach Boys, Badfinger, ELO.... And Boz Scaggs (I dig Boz!). Kyle Vincent gets plenty of plugs, and we also see 10cc, Alan Parsons Project, Hudson Brothers, and Eagles, Jackson Browne, and J.D. Souther. And, we find out there are a lot of mellow-mood folks here—I see more Barry Manilow mentions than I would have expected, along with Neil Diamond, Streisand, and Jane Oliver. On the other hand, KISS comes up a lot (from Bernie, John Shaft, and many others) as do Queen, Journey, the Babys/John Waite. Also, Sweet (or is it The Sweet?) gets a little attention.... And who knew Cartmill thinks Kenny  Loggins has one of the best pop voices ever? 

PS: I got a kick out of two editors, Jenn and Ellece, bringing up poor grammar in pop lyrics (page 8). I know what you mean...

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Bump. just for the music recommendations. Actually, it's a double-bump... you get this "Great Moments" thread and, if you take it from the top, the "What EC fans listen to" thread. 

How did I miss the chance to plug John Stewart in that thread? Or... maybe I did. I'm still going through the 14 pages.

Interestingly, that "What EC fans listen to" thread dates to March 2002 — almost 21 years ago! And yet when you look at page 1, you'll see posts from multiple still-current members here: the Fab Five of Bernie, Craig, Matthew, Kirk, and Dave/LobsterLvr.


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LC…That’s the first thing that struck me as well-the number of posters that are still banging away here…I joined in 2002 but didn’t post until a long time later…

The 2nd thing that struck me is all the “fans” that have jumped ship from here…I always wondered how some people were such an active part of this community(and EC fandom) and disappear…

The 3rd thing-The disappearance of Kazumi…I assume the worst…

4th-I don’t have the patience anymore to seek out new music…The recommendations of fellow posters(and the ability to punch up one of those endorsements on YouTube have proven to be a. godsend in terms of money and time…In the pre-ec.com days, there have been endless dollars and time spent on seeking out any recording act that a reviewer dropped a “ sounds like the Raspberries “ comment into their diatribe only to realize that after a spin or two that the lp was “suitable for frisbee”…

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