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Raspberries Albums One Through Four


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Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know they had six with the two new live albums, but as magnificent as they both are, I am putting those to the side for now. One through four, tell me the Berries best!


1) Fresh

2) Side Three

3) Starting Over

4) Raspberries.........how can this be four when Go All The Way, I Can Remember, Don't Wanna Say Goodbye, and "Waiting" are on it? Maybe because this band needs entrance in the Hall of Fame!


Tell me yours...............

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I hate to wuss out but I have a virtual tie in first:

T1: Starting Over and Fresh.

3. Side 3

4. Raspberries (I feel the same way you do: It's too good to be at the bottom of any list, but... such a small inventory!)

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There is not very much separation among these albums for me. But if I have to rank:

1) Fresh - Only because I feel it's the most consistent

2) Raspberries - Go All The Way, I Saw The Light, Don't Wanna Say Goodbye, & I Can Remember. As Stan Lee used to say "'Nuff Said"

3) Starting Over - Overnight Sensation, Play On, Hardly Believe You're Mine, Starting Over. This album gets knocked down because I was never a fan of Rose Coloured Glasses.

4) Side 3 - Tonight, Ecstasy, Making It Easy, & Hard To Get Over A Heartbreak. Hard to believe an album with those on it and I'm ranking it last

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