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Rank 'Em....One Last Time!


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Before the doors get shut, we have debated this over and over through the past twenty plus years. For me, the rankings are always changing, but with the clock about to strike midnight (unless the governor gives us a reprieve), tell me your favorite Eric Carmen solo albums in order. There are no wrong answers for this and don't feel bad about ranking something last because Eric's last might be top two for just about anyone other than the Beatles..


1) Eric Carmen

2) Tonight You're Mine

3) Eric Carmen (Geffen)....why oh why didn't they call this  "The Way We Used To Be"?????

4) Boats Against The Current

5) Winter Dreams/I Was Born To Love You

6) Change Of Heart


Your turn! Keep this thread active...............



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1) Tonight You're Mine

2) Geffen

3) Eric Carmen

4) Boats Against The Current

5) Change Of Heart

6) I Was Born To Love You


I gave COH a promotion on this list- it used to be last- although I don't know how Winter Dreams ended up there.  I shoulda' fudged like I did on the Rasperries rankings!

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This has actually always been difficult for me because each album holds a special place for me.

1) Boats Against The Current - consistently good from start to finish and has Boats Against The Current...an A++  song.

2) Eric Carmen - Also good from beginning to end, and has All By Myself...another A++ song. But I give a very slight nod to Boats

3) Change Of Heart - I know I'm probably in the minority with how much I like this album, but I truly do like every song, and since it has Desperate Fools, I rank it ahead of Tonight.

4) Tonight You're Mine - this is the first album that had a couple songs that I'll skip when playing it, BUT has THREE great songs. Hurts Too Much, All For Love, & Foolin' Myself (great)

5) Geffen - also has a couple songs I skip. Has I'm Through With Love and possibly my favorite EC song The Way We Used To Be.

6) I Was Born To Love You - I don't skip any but there are also no A++ songs for me on it. As a result it ranks last.

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The first solo album(Eric Carmen) is my favorite...Of course, All By Myself and Never  Gonna Fall in Love Again are the supreme beings...I remember watching the 1976(?) Winter Olmpics with one of the lady skaters performing to the later...Sunrise was a notch below along with My Girl, No Hard Feelings and the Leslie Gorish Last Night...Never liked “Everything” and could take or leave On Broadway...

Number 2...The Geffen album with the unbelievable trilogy of I’m Through With Love, She Remembered and The Way We Used To Be...I remember the later song being played for a week as a highlight of the romance of the characters Bo and Hope on Days Of Our Lives...I think Eric is too harsh in his assessment of You Took Me All The Way...A couple of lowlights: Spotlight and Come Back To My Love...oh by the way, when Ifirst put this album on, I was so pissed because I thought I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips sounded like, initially, he was covering a Bruce song...I didn’t even know Marvin then but that would have been embarrassing...


Number Three:Boats Against The Current...Title track...immaculate...The Great Gatsby is one of my five favorite books of all time...I think the EC community overrated Runaway and Nowhere To Hide...Never liked Marathon Man...It took me about a year to appreciate this LP and to me, it is way over evaluated by our crew...

Number Four: Tonight Your Mine...What a great title track...I remember thinking how raspy his voice sounded on It Hurts Too Much...You can keep Marathon Man, but Foolin’ Myself is par excellant...

Number Five...Change Of Heart...Good title track, Someday is really good as is Heaven Can Wait...I can get shot for saying this but I liked Cassidsy’s version of Hey Deanie much better...Brighter, louder and more vibrant...

Last...Looks like Winter Dreams is on the bottom...Can’t seem to warm up to this much...I Wanna Take Forever Tonight is a standout as is Someone That You Loved Before...I actually got a request from a bride to play I Was Born To Love You as her wedding processional theme song...Got excited when I saw that Wally was playing guitar on Everytime I Make Love To You but the tune fell flat...Not much else on this album is memorable, although Don’t Walk Away Renee is pretty cool...Top Down Summer is okay, but don’t like Isn’t It Romantic...

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