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Great Moments in EC.com History #4


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LobsterLvr Dave started a thread in 2013 called "Renaming the Raspberries." It obviously got Eric thinking, because he decided to start an all-time great threat that he called "Hindsight, Band Names, Labels, Success, Failure, Democracy, and Entitlement." The title is a bit of a mouthful, but as you can tell, it leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the history of Raspberries, which is what Eric gave us in a series of posts within the thread. 

It's especially cool for anyone who has bemoaned the Carmen-vs.-Bryson "friendly fire" that we all know about. Why? Because Eric gives us this visual snapshot of maybe the following key moment leading up to Raspberries. It's from a night when he was watching The Choir (a hot act because of the success of the single "It's Cold Outside") and dreaming about getting his foot into that door: 

"...[w]hen I saw Wally playing that Rickenbacker 12 string, while chewing a big wad of gum, and just generally being a complete "badass," I recognized that he and I could be that perfect "Yin and Yang" combination, if only I could get into the band."

We also get Eric reminiscing about he and Jim Bonfanti would spend hours plotting out the course of this new band in development, Raspberries. 

The thread is only six pages, but as you go through it, you'll see lots of Eric recollections from Raspberries' early days and later days (it was such a short span of time, really) and into his early solo work. He points out how the dissolution of Raspberries allowed him to record songs that reflected influences that might have been more repressed if the band had stayed together. The Beach Boys-inspired "My Girl" is one example....

He later gets into his Geffen record. "You Took Me All the Way" came up—Geffen's request for a "Go All the Way" rewrite.

I really found the talk about the 'berries' steamy "All Through the Night" to be interesting. I don't remember being put off by the song. Well, I listened to it a lot in college and dug it—not as a way to live or to treat women, but as a sort of teenagers' primal scream, a fantasy that's nothing more than a story in a song (albeit a story we don't condone). Then I read a post in this thread written by a member named KkH, and it's one to remember. KkH was mental health counselor and told a story of a groupie in the 1970s who had a life-changing encounter with an unnamed mega-popular band of the era. Sad story... 

Anyway, lots of Raspberries nuggets in this thread. 

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