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Great Moments in EC.com History #1


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Very little time to binge-read at EC.com, so I better hurry... 

I dropped in a post about my favorite politician, Al Gore, in 2007 because of his film An Inconvenient Truth. I wrote that the issue of climate change, as presented, was a worse problem than most people knew. The thread ended up going for 11 pages and 258 replies. It drew comments from many who agreed (JuliaD, and Mellie, and Aggies, and Muzza... and what ever happened to John O? And Mr. E, who noted that he had just come back from planting 33 trees for an environmentally conscious group—I bet those trees are fully grown now).

The thread also drew some disagreements. Mostly, it turned into a civil exchange with James and Paulie and others (including Cartmill, who dropped in his requisite one-liners that always made me laugh). A lot of the thread morphed into Democrat vs. Republican.

There were some mean shots taken at Hillary, who was gearing up to run for president in 2008 (but would lose to Obama). Raspyrock, Hollies, Cartmill, Rasberrywine, and others skewered her. After the 2016 election, I hope you all realize what a mistake the Russians, er, American voters made in 2018.

A few of us — even Tommy Tunes — were wanting Gore to run for president, but, alas, he didn't. The rightwing nut jobs went into full-court press on Gore and his alleged energy-wasting practices. Paulie set us straight with this post: 

• • •

Driving across the country for a couple of weeks I heard lots of talk radio... and noticed that Sean Hannity seemed to be leading the charge to discredit Al Gore as an environmental friendly guy... trying to say that he drives an SUV and flies private virtually everywhere... Rush Limbaugh (or as Michael Savage calls him, Hush Bimbo) joined the fray and also proudly flaunts his waste of energy and goes so far as to boast that he has not nor will he ever own, drive, or ride in a "hybrid" vehicle...

For all their bellowing and belly aching, they're hiding the truth that they fear Al Gore might enter the presidental race. They have a handle on Hillary (and she in fact does a good deal of imploding with her past and her mouth) but Al has been laying a groundwork of popularity that might get him the few extra votes he lacked in '00. It makes perfect sense on their part though, you throw out there that Al spends a fortune on energy and a lot of people will say "What a hypocrite!" without looking into the truth; which LC points out that the bulk of his bill is  because he is a man who walks the walk that he talks.

It might well be that the day of conservative talk hosts telling us what to think are as over as their careers will be once we all start thinking for ourselves again.  laugh [Sadly, Paulie, it wasn't!]

• • • 

Also, some of us took shots at George  W. Bush. I was one of them, but hindsight has changed me. Again, after two years of the current buffoon in the White House, I miss GWB. His showing at his father's funeral service also put him in such a good light. 

PS: I had forgotten, but this is the thread where we get a picture of Kirk in loincloth. It's true! It's on page 6. 

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Trump has the opportunity to be the greatest president in our history!   :-)     And Green Bay sucks!!!!!   :-)   And Al Gore, well at least LC, you can marry him legally now.  :-)

P.S. What was the score of the Bears / Packers game today??...sometimes my memory fails me Señor LC. :-)

Just having fun with you my friend LC. We are at polar ends with respect to politics, but through this forum I have come to respect you, think of you as a friend, even a brother, whom I´ve never met.  You added a TON to this forum. You are a tremendous writer, and you have a ton of knowledge on several subjects, and you are a lot of fun.

I wish you the best, and I hope all is going well with you and your daughters.

PPS...if you ec.com members are really interested in looking for the Best of the EC.com messageboard......... just do a search for  "James". That should suffice.




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James, very entertaining post. Nice to hear from you, barbs and all.

JohnO, glad you're still kicking! "Vile abomination" is too nice of a description of trump. It's accurate, of course, but gives him too much credit! 

I'd love to get your e-mail addresses, JohnO and James. I'll send you a PM with mine, and we can stay in touch that way.

Unless Bernie can figure out a way to keep this board alive! :-) 


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