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The End Of An Era


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My heart is melting and breaking at the same time "seeing" so many of my old friends here again! You created a very special, magical place, indeed, Bernie. Lew, I remember meeting you at WAB when you thought we were all Moonies! :)   And Diane, that cheesecake was to die for!! (Still have my button, too!)  Gina! Where have you been, girlie?!?!!!  No matter how many miles separate all of us, every one of you will forever be near and dear to me!! Now, where's that email thread???


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Well, I hope you have an aisle seat! Otherwise, it's just mind over matter. "Concentrate on the plane, put your soul in command." 

Once you're airborne, there's nothing better than sleep! So try to doze off and forget where you are! 


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Lew, from my personal experience flying, and being in a cramped airplane cabin, the only danger lies when you have to go pee, and  you walk down the aisle to the bathroom at the back of the plane.  Chicks will take advantage and pinch your back part. It can be bad. There's nothing you can do to avoid it.

But you can have revenge ....but in order to have your revenge you must eat White Castle hamburgers before your flight. If you do that you will be armed, and very dangerous, and will have converted yourself into a warrior ready to do battle in gas warfare, if you know what I mean.  It also works if the person in the seat next to you is hogging space. Sometimes, if I don't like how the pilot is handling the plane, I'll drop by the cockpit to say hi, and leave a little "token of my appreciation" for the boys in uniform. 

: )

P.S. thought maybe a little humor might help. I know you'll be fine.


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On long flights, altering seat surfaces ( seat, pillow, blanket ) can ease the butt torture a bit.  Or, like the lady sitting next to my wife decided to do on a recent flight - - sleep on the floor! Not sure if the crew ever caught on or would've cared, but I suppose on a 15 hour flight people may try anything to get comfy.

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