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Hit Record lyric sheet at the Rock n Roll HOF


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At the Rock Hall, they currently have a 'Cleveland Rocks' exhibit, and Raspberries are well represented in this display.

One of the items is the handwritten lyrics to Hit Record, eventually titled Overnight Sensation.

An interesting part is that Eric had some extra lyrics in it. Not sure if it these were meant for a 2nd bridge or what.

"Make a demo, add some harmony

Seems we've used up all our money

But it sounds real good."


"in my head I hear the final mix

Why, it's one of this weeks spotlight picks!

Oh, I knew it was good."



hit record.jpg

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Interesting that the lyrics that he ended up with in place of these had some common words or themes. "Fit the words to a good " MELODY" instead of "make a demo, add some HARMONY".

But he still uses the word DEMO in "Making DEMOS all day" and holds onto the theme of Using their money by going with "I've used my bread".

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