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My New CD: "Radio Paradise (Forever 18)


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Hey, sorry I have been away for so long, but I have been working on my latest CD release, "Radio Paradise (Forever 18) and it is finally available. Thought I would post the link to the trailer here. It is available on Itunes, CDBaby, and Amazon (though if you want the physical CD, go with CDBaby, as Amazon is asking outrageous prices) I have missed you guys!!!! Thanks for listening! BTW, check out my sweatshirt in the first song. Still plugging the boys all these years later.


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When I heard Pat's "Stephanie", I felt influence of Raspberries!!! 
The first bit of the Drum, it remind me of Jim's drum, 'BE MY BABY(cover) LIVE '73 Raspberries version!!!
So I asked Pat, he gave a reply.

Thanks for noticing and glad you got what I was going for.
In the bridge there is an homage to the Raspberries (just like they did for the Beatles) with the “come on, come on’s”.


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Thank you so much, Naeko!  So sweet of you to say that. I am honored by this.  Fellow Raspberries friend and  diehard Mike Miller plays bass on the song “Stephanie” for me.   I worked endlessly with my drummer to get the proper accents for this song and I wanted a subliminal message of “Be My Baby” to kick it off! My “wall of sound” tribute to the 60’s and someone that was very special to me.

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Thanks Dave! When we rehearse I use a Juno 6 that stays at the rehearsal space, but I pulled out my Juno 106 for some of the orchestrations on my song “Stop Sayin’ You Love Me” on the record.  I love the string sounds much more on that. Hadn’t played that keyboard in many years but it is still in mint condition.  Recently, I have been more of a Yamaha guy and I use Yamaha keyboards on all the other songs. 

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