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Happy Birthday, Eric!


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August 11th is Eric's Birthday...so Happy Birthday, Boss!

Hard to believe that EricCarmen.com is still chugging away 21 years after it started. We've logged in an incredible 2.8 million visitors over those two decades.

Thanks for letting us share the remakes of "Top Down Summer" and "I Could Really Love You," Eric. Just in time...as there's still a whole month of Summer left!

All good thoughts to you on your special day!


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It was a long time ago. I don't think anybody knew but you helped me through some real tough times and I think,  I had done the same for you. You're still thought of each day even though I know you have moved on, I really think you should have stayed.

You need to come back here because this is also you're place and people miss you here each and every day.

I'd also like to wish you a VERY "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Mr Carmen on your very special day!

Keep well and stay happy.

With Love And Respect, 


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HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIC! Wishing you a birthday and year as joyful and exciting as your music has made us feel. Thanks for all the music, love and friendship which has made our lives oh so much richer for knowing you.  All the best of love, success and happiness to you, my very special friend!

:) --Love, Dar

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