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"Lyndhurst" Compressor

Billy K.

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Sounds pretty sweet, Billy. The guy doing the demo is getting some really great tone out of it.

Looks like it's made by Bogner. I've been playing through one for a few years. Paul Sidoti hooked me up with his guy back when he was using them with Taylor Swift. I love the vintage Marshall-y ness of it. I've not found a better amp to remind me of what my Les Paul used to sound like when I was pushing air from a 100-watt Super Lead with 4x12 cabinets back in the day. Marshall hasn't made a good amp since the '70s. But this Bogner comes pretty close.


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Finally did get one, about two weeks ago. Still getting used to it.......but a lot of good things. Sounds great! Also built "like a tank", very solid, in comparison to many other pedals. And still trying to get the routine down on this one. I have not tried the Tele or the Bass with it yet, just been using the Flying V with it. Even got a good COUNTRY tone using the V.....which is surprising!

The one issue is the power......the "daisy chain" doesn't seem to have enough juice to power all the pedals......will have to get an additional/better power supply. Works excellent with the 9v battery......but, as you may expect, eats them up fairly quickly(though not as bad as certain other pedals). 

Bogner also offers the "Bubinga" version of it. The only difference, is that it has a faceplate made out of some kind of exotic wood.....and I think they charge $65 more just for that. 


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