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Eric Carmen Birthday Live 2017 Vol.1 Vol.2


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Eric Carmen Birthday Live 2017 Vol.1

 Vocal & piano & guitar :Hiroyuki Izuta (伊豆田洋之

 Date: Aug.11/2017
 At Piano Bar & Live McCartney


 2017 set list~ 

First Stage


1. Sunrise

2. Heaven Can Wait

3. My Girl

4. Someday

5. I'm Through With Love

6. You Took Me All The Way 



7. Nobody Knows

8. Cartoon World

9. If You Change Your Mind

10. That's Rock'n'Roll



11. Starting Over 



Second Stage


1. Inside Story

2. Drivin’ Around

3. Ecstasy

4. Go All The Way



5. Desperate Fools

6. Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)

7. Hungry Eyes 

8. Foolin' Myself

9. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again

10. Cruisin' Music




11. Boats Against The Current

12. Hey Deanie

13. She Did It


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Eric Carmen Birthday Live 2017 Vol.2

Vocal & PianoKeyboard & guitar : Hiroyuki Izuta (伊豆田洋之)
Guest: Mai & Maru (Chorus)

     Date: Aug.12/2017



 2017 set list~ 

First Stage

 1. Sunrise

2. Love Is All That Matters

3. You Took Me All The Way

4. All By Myself

5. Somedaywith Mai & Maru

6. Make Me Lose Controlwith Mai & Maru* 



7. Go All The Waywith Mai & Maru



8. Change Of Heartwith Mai & Maru

9. Let's Pretendwith Mai & Maru

10. Starting Over



Second Stage


1. Desperate Fools

2. Haven't We Come A Long Way

3. Overnight SensationHit Record

4. I Wanna Be With Youwith Mai & Maru



5. Almost ParadiseDuet with Mai

6. Hungry Eyeswith Mai



7. That's Rock'n'Rollwith Mai & Maru



8. My Girlwith Mai & Maru

9. Hey Deanie (with Mai & Maru




10. Boats Against The Current

11. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again (with Mai & Maru


12. She Did It



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Strong set list !.....several more "obscurish" songs that I love and would personally like to see in any set, but that you wouldn´t expect most bands to play.

More evidence that the Japanese "get" Eric Carmen.

Thanks Naeko!

P.S. When are you going to post some of your own videos of you singing and playing piano?  Rumor has it you are very good!!




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I'd love to see Burton Cummings of The Guess Who, but he is very busy still writing, producing and recording. The guy can vocalize most other singers spot on,and learned mostly the same way Eric Carmen did.

Naeko, thank you from a wonderful 'flash from the past'. Talent like that is rare these days.

EC, where are you?

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