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Abandoned Quebec Recording Studio Burned Down


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Many legendary musician had been hosted by Le Studio in the Laurentian Mountains.

The most famous rock singers, bands and folk singers were, and until 2008 they made use of it.

*A fire this Thursday morning has destroyed Le Studio, a historic recording studio nestled in Quebec's Laurentian Mountains, about 90 kilometres northwest of Montreal, whose legendary former clients include Rush, David Bowie and The Police.

Provincial police received a call about the blaze around 5:30 a.m. 

Firefighters found evidence at the scene that suggests the fire may have been purposely set, Radio-Canada reports.* (French Canadian version of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

David Bowie, Rush, April Wine, and many more put out over 150 albums from that studio in the 70s and 80s.

The cause has yet to be determined, but arson is suspected.

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It sure is.

Last night as I was trying to post the story, I had an open tab for one of Paul Anka's musical videos and had to ask for help to remove it, or folks would have seen "Let Me Get to Know You.":o

These days, it seems with that fire, wildfire out west, city floods, my mistakes, we Canadians are batting a thousand. We takes things in stride.

The recording artists must be rather unhappy.

It's nickname was 'Rush's Abbey Road'!

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