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Eric'c B-day card


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Not asleep. Just being realistic. Since visits to the website Forum has been so underwhelming lately, I decided not to start a birthday card here to gather a dozen birthday greetings. There was a time when the EC.com birthday card would get hundreds of messages to Eric from his fans! Rather, I will send out a birthday blast on the Eric Carmen Forum Facebook/Twitter accounts on Eric's birthday (Friday, August 11) instead.


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I understand.  I get it.  It's just sad.  Not in a Trump 'sad' way.  Just sad.  The place that started it all.  With Eric's blessing and participation...dying.  Is this site going the way of brick and mortar stores?  Is Facebook/Twitter the future of web communications?  I hope it's still too soon to write the book, "Death of a website- the rise and fall of Eric Carmen.com"! :(

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I'm not sure but I can imagine why he didn’t back to this site.
His private matters and so on……I don’t want to talk about the matters any more.
But few years have passed since then.
Anyway doesn't back here.

He chose FB friends and Twitter follower. Not EC.com members.
Many of us used to said that “We are family, EC.com family. It’s a small, warm world with LOVE”.   
Past seems so bright. It 
left scars in us.
When we visit here, all we should know he leaves here and remind the past.

Though Bernie, your site will live long.
FB and Twitter post  will faded away after a while.
If someone new wants to know about EC and EC's music,
the one will sure visit here and enrich one's knowledge with amout of articles.

Don't feel so sad, Bernie. You did GREAT!

And Happy Birthday Eric!

They say that time heals all wounds

But they don't say how much time

So I'm waiting for tomorrow, everyday

Your photograph no longer smiles

Now that you're not mine

oh the past it seems is always in the way


And the days turn into weeks

while the weeks turn into years

the years turn into memories
and the memories to tears

and I wish just once that you could feel

the emptiness I do

because there's nothing left but loneliness after you

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9 hours ago, Raspbernie said:

Everyone checks Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter multiple times a day—and all of their interests are right there at hand. Message Boards—like this one—seem to be, sadly, a thing of the past.



Not quite everyone, Bernie - I have so far resisted FB, etc. (A colleague of mine refers to it as "the evil book of faces"!) But you're right, it's not like it used to be.

If it weren't for the message board and this site, I probably wouldn't know about the new live set coming out soon.

Eric, if you're watching, happy birthday wishes to you. Can't wait for the new CDs to come in the mail!


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This site is a high quality, and classy, edifice of Eric Carmen´s music. Where would Eric Carmen´s music be?...and where would the state of EC fandom be if this website had never been created by Bernie?  

KInd of shocking that of all the Eric Carmen fans still posting on the internet, virtually none stop by here....even once in a while.

Out of respect to the work that has been put in here by the site´s founder,  I´d think the site´s namesake would pop in......at least here and there.

Anyway...   :)

Viva Bernie!......a man who is appreciated, but not to the degree he deserves.



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Happy birthday E.C.

Your music has been in my life for over 40 years. The Raspberries started me on this journey with you. Your solo career continues me on this wonderful journey.  If I'm asked the island question, meaning if I am on a deserted island and I could only have one musical artist's music, I choose yours over the Beatles or Sir Paul McCartney.

I never go anywhere without my iPod that contains my Eric Carmen/Raspberries folder on it. Still to this day I cannot go a week without listening to "Foolin' Myself" or "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again". In my opinion they are two of those most beautiful songs ever written. They are on my mount Rushmore of songs sort of speaking.

I hope you enjoy your birthday E.C. and my God bless you.

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Facebook and Twitter may be "the 'in' thing of the moment" but the real "heart" of EC and Raspberries fandom is right here, having started with the impossible dream of one man--"Raspbernie"-- to bring Raspberries back together.  And he DID that! No Facebook or Twitter facsimile can ever claim that amazing feat.

And those were indeed "Glory Days"!  And they'll never go away for me, because I've locked them securely right here in my heart.  But things don't last forever--not even PEOPLE last forever.  So "life," (albeit not as GOOD) goes on, whenever we have to face the loss of people or things or even "change."

All that said, THIS PLACE will never lose its magic for me. So... while I sent you a message on FB (and I don't know how to use Twitter and am not interested in even trying...)

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIC!!!!  Wishing you love, joy, success, peace and all your birthday dreams come true (because "dreams are forever and some things you never forget." Some fabulous musical genius once wrote that and it's been my signature line ever since! )  And thank you for being the soundtrack of my life and validating Bernie's labor of love and all of our dreams by bringing the magic back, that "one brief moment that was our Camelot," in 2004. We will ALWAYS love you and love that music that is no other definition but MAGIC.  With love, Dar

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Make sure you pick up "Raspberries: Pop Art Live"—All of the magic of that first reunion show has been lovingly (and powerfully) captured on that 2-CD set.

And hope you are well!!! Meet you in an hour at the Two Guys cafeteria for a couple of games of Pong! I'll bring the quarters.



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Hey Bern! I WILL!  And I am well. And don't forget to bring Larry Bogush, (if he's not working today. haha) Ah, for those days!  But somebody said "the more things change the more they stay the same...." so I always hold out hope for a time warp! After all, we got one after 32 years, once, didn't we?!

Love to you!



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Bernie, just one question. There's the 2 cd set coming out August 18  and the 3 record vinyl set coming out November 24. I know the 2 additional songs on the vinyl set, BUT it says the vinyl set "comes with a download."  It comes with a download of WHAT?  And what form will that take?  It wasn't clear at all what Amazon meant by that.

Can you clear it up?



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