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Voice of Rocky the flying squirrel dies

Matthew C. Clark

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On 7/27/2017 at 10:46 AM, prettymom777 said:

Good age. Those were the days. I'm going through my third childhood.

THIRD !!?  I haven't finished the first one correctly yet! 

Whatever you don't learn or get right in your formative years, you are doomed to redo over and over again later in life until you get it right. 

If you never really had a very good childhood, you might end up trying to recover that part of your growing up when you get to be an adult.

Being raised in a household with 4 other troublesome siblings (brothers) with a 2-parent income that couldn't adequately provide a whole lot for us, and conflicting parenting skills (or lack thereof ) certainly made it difficult to get through childhood with your morals and head screwed on straight, and made for a slightly skewed upbringing. A person (me) definitely had some "homework" to do later in life!

Then add to that a couple of child-molesting grandpas on both sides of the family tree, and you've really got a messed up environment to try and have a normal, nurturing, balanced upbringing with a loving mother and father raising their kids properly --- and not doing it with insufficient income or expecting government hand-outs as an assumed "right".

One of the better things about my childhood was shows on television like "The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show", along with other characters like Bugs Bunny, Super Chicken and Fred, The Banana Splits, H.R. PuffNStuff, etc.

I may not get past trying to fix my First Childhood..... :huh:


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I was only joking, of course. My only girl, 24, is working and knows better to take on a man and have children, before getting her own act together. That means working, saving money, and she can cook very well, quite a help to her 63-year-old stepdad. He has rheumatoid arthritis, but can do hands on work.

Dumb me had her elder brother at 32 with a rotten ___________ and never allowed us our legal visitation rights. The two younger men are finding the world hard with the education system and housing.  It's hard to find a decent affordable apartment, but they will and so will I. I can STILL out-run the 20-year-old!

On the other hand, 58 is young, so I say "Have fun, enjoy yourself, experience music, smell the flowers."

Sinatra: "Young at Heart".

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Anne, just forget the grandparents. God will avenge that.

You have the strength and intelligence to recall what somebody once wrote: 'Bad things happen to good people.'

I had my sister fined for not settling the parental estate, and I didn't have to sign off executing the flipping will, but thought, being on disability, I'd be cut off of Social Assistance, and I was totally wrong!

Through therapy three decades ago, I learned to cut the wheat from the chaff and live a fuller life.

I know you're a fighter.

I am, and seeing as nobody has the guts to do so, I'm on the governments head to have my lodging home and retirement homes set straight on how to treat the homeless, middle-aged and elderly about health and nutrition. I'd love to see unprocessed foods! 


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PM777 ---

Because such things were not spoken of in the sixties and seventies by and large, and authorities didn't know what exactly to do with this type of thing ( family member molesting or attempting to molest another underage family member ), I mention it without apology when the information can be relevant to the content I post. 

Because it got "swept under the rug" so to speak so often back then, and no one in the family ( or the authorities for that matter, nor my church pastor ) wanted to bring it out into the open, it follows me the rest of my life in that I am no longer shamed or coerced into silence on the subject in general. 

If this was more info than you were expecting, I apologize for the quantity of verbage.  I really only expect anyone reading the comment to take a mental note that it happened, and that I was not afraid to state it did, and nothing more really. Except maybe that it may somewhere along the line help someone else who might be afraid to come to terms with a similar life experience to mine.

But I thank you for your kind words just the same, it is deeply appreciated despite my superficial expectations.



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You are healing. Remember that.

Even these days I cannot read the news. Some folks have no right to make babies or babysit.

We can always get Natasha (with another actress's voice since June Foray played Rocky and Natasha) and...

My Dad raised me a fighter. Somebody here in the house stepped on my foot deliberately, and her blooming shin still hurts. I didn't get punished for defending myself. Just because I pay rent doesn't mean anybody on staff owns me. (I do half their job as they're lazy).

Made for good comic relief, I must say.


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The person who wore the 200 pound costume to portray Godzilla has passed away at age 88. Haruo Nakajima.

Anybody who knows their history would recall people were building bomb shelters fearing nuclear war during the mid-fifties.

Godzilla was an irradiated lizard, a mythical creature.

I don't want to read about North Korea trying this sort of thing. 

(Typing this under my concrete, lead-lined bed. Hopefully the kids have theirs, too.)


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