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Japan Remastered CDs w/Bonus Tracks Coming

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Amazing news! When it rains it pours. Eric Carmen's Arista solo catalog is being re-released in Japan with BONUS TRACKS on a set of Limited Edition CDs timed to the release of Raspberries: Pop Art Live in August 2017. These are official SONY releases. And here are the details.

COMING AUGUST 2, 2017 (and available for pre-order now):



01. Sunrise
02. That's Rock 'N Roll
03. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again
04. All By Myself
05. Last Night
06. My Girl
07. Great Expectations
08. Everything
09. No Hard Feelings
10. On Broadway
11. Sunrise (Live at the Roxy, LA 1976)
12. Slow Down (Live at the Bottom Line, NYC)
13. Go All The Way (Live at the Bottom Line, NYC)
14. My Girl (Original Demo with Backing Vocals)
15. Great Expectations (Original Piano Demo)
16. That's Rock 'N Roll (Original Piano Demo)
17. All By Myself (Radio Edit)




01. Desperate Fools (Overture)
02. Haven't We Come A Long Way
03. End of the World
04. Heaven Can Wait
05. Baby I Need Your Lovin'
06. Change of Heart
07. Hey Deanie
08. Someday
99. Desperate Fools
10. Marathon Man (Live at Budokan 1979)
11. All by Myself (Live at Budokan 1979)
12. Change of Heart (Original 1975 Demo)





01. Boats Against The Current
02. Marathon Man
03. Nowhere To Hide
04. Take It Or Leave It
05. Love Is All That Matters
06. She Did It
07. I Think I Found Myself
08. Run Away
09. She Did It (Original Demo) (Previously Unreleased)
10. Marathon Man (Instrumental String Mix) (Previously Unreleased)
11. A Temporary Hero (Previously Unreleased) (Mono)
12. Love Is All That Matters (Piano & Strings Instrumental) (Previously Unreleased)
13. Boats Against The Current (Single Version with. Backing Vocals)




01. It Hurts Too Much
02. Lost in the Shuffle
03. All For Love
04. Tonight You're Mine
05. Sleep With Me
06. The Inside Story
07. Foolin' Myself
08. You You Need Some Lovin'
09. The Inside Story (Live at Tokyo Nakano Senplaza 1980) (Previously Unreleased)
10. Overnight Sensation (Hit Record) (Live at Tokyo Nakano Sanguraza 1980) (Previously Unreleased)
11. Tonight You're Mine (Live at Tokyo Nakano Semuraza 1980) (Previously Unreleased)
12. Foolin' Myself (Single Edit)

- - - -


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I don't know the detail of 2017 remasterd CD , then it seems almost teh same as 2015 remasterd version.

2015   Album + Outtakes
2017   Exactly the same with 2015 remasterd   

2015 Small reproductions of the original jackets
2017    Jewel case

2015   Blu-specCD2 (very high quality sound)
2017   Remasterd

*Liner notes
2015   Orginal liner notes & lyrics  Japanese tyansration
2017   New liner notes

2015   ¥2079 18.557(USD)
2017   ¥1080  9.6401(USD)

2015   Sony Legacy Recordings JP Limited Edition
2017   Sony Legacy Recordings JP AOR CITY 2017

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