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Raspberries - Pop Art Live


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  • 10 months later...

Very late to the game in terms of finding this thread and commenting......

I feel blessed to have found this on iTunes and downloaded it for portability's sake (for starters)! I"ve had an iPhone for a few years now (flip phones before that?! 😉 ), but was too busy spinning a lot of plates in recent years to do much downloading etc. So when I went to the iTunes store during Covid downtime to do a search for Raspberries, I was thrilled to find this recording available!!!!

But..... there is actually something wrong with the iTunes system, I believe, because the tracks, as purchased, for "Makin' It Easy (Live)" and "Ticket to Ride (Live)" both play (drum roll....) "Ticket to Ride (Live)!!! I don't really know where to actually voice my complaint? Is there an iTunes Support system? (I admit to being an iTunes downloading novice.) 

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Don't feel bad, the same thing happened to me. I'm not sure if that error is the fault of iTunes or Omnivore Records.

Four tracks from the record also came in a format my Windows Media Player doesn't like. I was able to convert them, but still.

In the iTunes store there's a link for a Support webpage, but it seems to deal mainly with billing issues.

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