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Raspberries - Pop Art Live


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1 hour ago, Craig Benfer said:

So, I pre-order the CD but stores get it first AND it's cheaper? If I wasn't so excited about getting the CD, I'd be peeved.

Me too, Craig- I wanted to support the label that put out the cd- not very cool to have to wait...


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On 8/20/2017 at 11:57 AM, Kirk said:

Me too, Craig- I wanted to support the label that put out the cd- not very cool to have to wait...

Sent an email to Omnivore asking when I will see my order. They sent a reply stating it went out, but in the meantime they sent a zipped digital copy to me with the artwork included. I thought that was nice of them. I'll have it to listen to on my way home today.

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25 minutes ago, Craig Benfer said:

Am I correct in saying that the order of songs has been changed a bit?  I'm pretty sure Overnight Sensation was played much later in the concert.

Yes, you are correct- here's the set list from that performance:

I Wanna Be with You
I Can't Explain [The Who]
Making It Easy
Play On
Baby's in Black [The Beatles]
Nobody Knows
Should I Wait
If you Change Your Mind
Come Around and See Me
No Reply
I Saw the Light
Might As Well
It Seemed So Easy
Last Dance
Let's Pretend
Ticket to Ride [The Beatles]
When You Were With Me [The Choir]
It's Cold Outside [The Choir]
I Can Remember
Starting Over
Don't Want To Say Goodbye
Party's Over
Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)
Hard to Get Over a Heartbreak
I'm A Rocker
Go All the Way

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Just got done listening to both cd's...some observations:

If this is the last thing we get from Raspberries, it is a fitting end- the energy from the band and the fans is electric!

As Bernie noted earlier- the Carmen/Bryson harmonies are tight!

The harmonies and instrumental parts from the overdubs are fabulous!

When guitars need to jangle, they jangle.  When guitars need to wail, they wail!

Although not note perfect, both cd's are 'hot'- a very live sound!  You can tell where the vocals have been tweaked, but it's tastefully done.

A few standouts for me on first listen- "Let's Pretend" (rich harmonies and jangly guitars- best version I've heard).  "Overnight Sensation" (Hit Record- I'd say so).  "I Can Remember" (so good).  "Starting Over" (o.k., I've listened to this version 6 times already- my favorite version and song from any Raspberries album- EVER).  "Go All The Way" (took me all the way- what a way to finish the set- everything clicking on this one).

Which brings me to why this double cd is sooooo good.  Tommy Allen just nails the production.  It sounds great with headphones.  It's sounds great on my 7 speaker floor monitors.  It's mixed so darn good, I almost can't improve upon it with my equalizer, which is something I can't say for any of my other live albums.  Just tremendous!

Thanks one and all for this recording.  It was worth the wait! 

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I think this is the definitive LIVE recording of this band. And like everyone said, it just nails the excitement I felt in the audience and actually sounds better than the memory I have it in my head.

While I would have preferred the original set list, Eric did tweak the song order a little. His logic was that when reviewers put the disc on, they'd be more apt to keep listening if the show started at full tilt and roared on from there. SO far, every review has been stellar, so he might have had good instincts there. The running order on the LP version will have a few additional tweaks, due to the limitations of how much fits on each side of a record.


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Late to the game on this one. I haven't checked in at EC for a while, and while browsing Apple Music I come to find THIS. I have the signed version of Sunset Strip, and I find Pop Art to be a much more enjoyable listen.

Less polished, and it's like listening to 1974 Raspberries, rather than 2000's. The mix is better, the individual guitars stand out, and the in my opinion, the energy is at another level.

What a gift!

Edit: Holy isht! Ticket to Ride. OMFG.

Edit 2:  Actually, all 3 Beatles songs are amazing. These guys should form a Beatles tribute band...

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