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20 Years of EricCarmen.com - Day 6

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This month, we're celebrating 20 years of EricCarmen.com! There will be something new posted each and every day for the next 20 days.

In 1973, Raspberries appeared on an NBC Saturday Morning kid's show called Go! One scene in the program showed Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim playing a demo tape of "Tonight" for producer Jimmy Ienner, who inexplicably criticizes the attempt saying, "I asked for rough tapes. This is ridiculous!" One thing Eric was known for throughout his entire career was doing so much work on his songs before entering the studio that there was little left to do but press the record button.

Now, for the first time ever you can hear what Raspberries recorded in Cleveland before heading to the studio in New York City. It certainly doesn't sound rough to my ears at all. In fact, it's pretty true to the record—save for the false ending and some additional vamping by Eric on the microphone. Even Wally's Bryson's blistering guitar solo had already been worked out to perfection! Take a listen and hear a song you've heard a hundred times before for the first time—the SUPER RARE Raspberries demo tape of "Tonight" from 1973:



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There has always been something I wasn't crazy about in the final studio versions of "Tonight". It felt a bit too bombastic. Every instrument and vocal seemed too loud.  But I love this demo! In this version I can hear 'the song'.  Even though it's a demo...I think the mix of instruments to vocals is better. And I love the false ending!  Dave


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Never heard this before, except the part from the "Go Show".  Wonder why Jimmy slagged this?  Too much bass, probably.

Well, I love it!  I've only wanted to hear it since 1973.  So, thanks, Bernie.  You made an old fan get those goosebumps again!

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