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Happy 45th Anniversary "Go All The Way"


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Happy 40th To One Of The Greatest Singles Of All-Time!

Happy birthday to The Raspberries “Go All The Way” which was released forty years ago today and, at least to my ears, still sounds incredible.

The song, which peaked at #5 on the US charts, starts out with, courtesy of Wally Bryson, one of rocks’ greatest guitar intros and never lets up from there. And since the “Berries” were all about singles thing did you ever notice that the first verse is only three seconds long? Three seconds…now that’s taking Tom Petty’s motto, “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus” to the max.

—WNCX, May 22, 2012


This article jhas ust appeared in my news feed on my FB "ON THIS DAY.
It was 5 years ago.

Happy 45 Anniversary "GO ALL THE WAY"!!!!

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Thanks for the post, Naeko!

GATW remains one of the greatest singles of all time. Eric has said in his live intro to "Overnight Sensation" about how he would have his transistor radio in bed with him in his youth, waiting for his favorite bands to come on. Nine or so years later, that was me with the transistor radio - waiting for GATW or IWBWY to come on, over either WDAD out of Indiana, PA or WCRO out of Johnstown.

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Actually I didn't know the meaning "Go All The Way" at that time.
I thought the meaning was  "Climb every mountain" or something....
Very healthy, clean and innocent image!!!

Coz the title "I Wanna Be With You" was translated beautifully in Japanese.......
 "Learn to live for tomorrowor something  :D:D

Can you believe???
I was misunderstood for many years as clean & innocent band just like The Carpenters!!!! ;)
;) Lol

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By now, Aventurine,  a part of the song,  "Go All The Way' can be heard on the new ride at The California Adventure Theme Park. It is next to Disneyland.

And The Carpenters do have a song called, 'Make Believe It's Your First Tine ( And II'll make believe it's mine).  And another song called, Kiss Me The Way You Did Last Night'. The video also has some famous characters in it,  later in the song. A treat for any fan.


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