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J Geils Died


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RIP James Geil, I saw him years ago at the Mayday Festival, The J. Geils Band was the opener for Jethro Tull, all was going well until some losers in the crowd started throwing beer bottles at the band. Peter Wolfe stopped the show and told people that Tull will not come out until the crowd stops acting like animals. They listened to him and we did see Jethro Tull the rest of the festival was great! I never realized he lived in Groton MA, next town over from Pepperell MA where I grew up. See you when I get there Peter.:(


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I'm sitting here reading and typing, trying to listen to the J. Geils version of "Love-Itis" and after 24 hours of the neighbor's kid monitor over-riding my Wifi listening experience. I wonder if I should invest in speakers and give them a blast from the past. Hahaha!

No, I am not eavesdropping. I want to hear the flipping music.

Ann Landers or her sister Abby would advise me politely to tell them anyone in the area on Wifi can hear them quite well, know the names of their pets, what they had for dinner and where a certain kid hid the other one's cuddly toy. Nobody else around here has.

Oh, for the love of music! Maybe exposing the family, this being Good Friday, to Raspberries' "Go All the Way" would be great! No.

After I go through the album song list, Maybe a nice letter in their mailbox will do, but there are a few families with children in the area.

May the dear man rest in peace since I'm not.

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I grew up just north of Boston. As a result I got to see The J. Geils Band and Aerosmith a ton (high schools, community colleges, bars, summer-fests, etc)!!  Live, both bands were off the charts! Raw, rockin, unruly and wicked good.  But J. Geils was the best. Every concert was "nothin' but a house party".  Good memories.  Great band!!  RIP John

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Remembering "Centerfold" takes me back when music was music. 

When I was listening to their version of "Love-Itis" last evening, a neighbor's baby monitor was coming over the Wifi. I have no idea how it happens, but two days in a row of

someone else's family matters is crazy. I asked my neighbor, they don't have this, so I have to find out who is broadcasting their kids' squabbles and their family matters.

The J. Geils Band was playing on four or five stations all around me back then, so we had almost quadraphonic radio!

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