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Happy women's day


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Women are FOR SURE under-appreciated by men.  It´s true.

For example, when you find a good woman, and marry her, life becomes SO much better.  It really does!  Take these 3 examples:

1.  When you got a good woman, you never have to scratch your head, wondering what to watch on tv at night,.....it´s done for you!!!.

2.  Once you marry, you never have to take the time to write up a to-do list in the morning. Why?  Because it will already be done, and waiting for you, on your night stand, when you wake up in the morning!!).

3.  Lastly, Thinking is HARD.  It makes your head hurt.  But alas!....once you are fortunate to have found a good wife, you never have to think again !  (it´s done for you).

So fellow hombres, it´s time to start appreciating women more.  They do a lot we take for granted.

P.S. Happy Woman´s Day!!


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Gee, James, thank you, men with a wonderful (sometimes sarcastic) sense of  humour contribute to the treasures we lay up in Heaven.

When we give men children, women's brains actually get much better at multitasking, finding ways around things guys can't, and making to-do lists, job jars and can even remember the right way to adjust men's ties.

Thinking of it, if not for the X with the Y chromosome, guys wouldn't make it at all. XX (woman) plus XY (man) = men and women! 

We need men, you need us!

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Good idea, but I can't vote since I'm upstairs. EC for music ambassador, Matthew and Marvin (take out dual citizenship, Marv), and Kirk for V. P.

Marvin has had the experience and most likely remembers our Dieffenbaker PM from the sixties.

But what I've been updated on, the Republicans are running away. I've read the 25th amendment, and many 'Mericans and Canucks can't wait.

Play On!

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