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MIDI Frustration

Billy K.

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OK, a little behind the times....and don't slag me for being a musician, and never used MIDI before........(I know, haven't seen a NHL game, nor seen "Saturday Night Fever" either.:D)

Anyway, thought I'd do some updates on my keyboard, and get some new sounds into it. Downloaded some onto the laptop, hooked up the MIDI-to-USB connection....and nothing's happening!
Can't move the programs onto the keyboard.....and can't get the keyboard to even play the sounds either.....seems like the two are not communicating with each other. Any suggestions?


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It depends upon several things such as Apple versus Windows. MIDI reminds me of some of the dumb music I heard on my ex's computer in the early '90's. I downloaded most of my music from Bearshare older versions until around 2012. Frankly, I have no idea. Bernie might have the know how, since he's found many old gems. Check out your apps, too.

My laptop didn't come with a CD ROM or burner, so I had to buy another piece of equipment to attach to it to run any music. 

I cut and paste URLs into a file for the time being, and it is enormous.

My ex and his friend might know, but it is late here. Wait and see if any of the other bright members know.

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Actually not planning to use MIDI for sequencing, to have the computer play the song....but rather, to get some different tones in the computer. There is a lot of things that MIDI can do, from what I gathered.

Well, it turns out it is not the drivers. It was one really stupid thing that fixed it. I heard about this one guy, a while back who had bought a USB to dual MIDI.......and the thing was wired backwards!

So I reversed the "in" and the "out" plugs......and it is now communicating with the laptop.

Now the next step is to be able to play those new tones. Haven't figured it out yet(too much of some kinds of information, and not enough of others) but more than likely, it will be something that is really stupidly easy.

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