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Billy K.

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There have been some discussion online, about other artists' albums, and how they could have been better, if the songs were done in a different order. Or even omit some songs altogether, and replace them with others. (The White Album comes first to mind......removing "Revolution #9" and replacing it with "Hey Jude" and "Old Brown Shoe" etc. )

In all honesty, I think Ienner got it totally right. I don't think that there would be any better order, on any of the four albums.

Any thoughts on this? Is there anything on any Raspberries albums that you would tweak, as far as the song lineups??

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I would have followed "Go All The Way" with "Don't Wanna Say Goodbye" on the first record, just because I feel it is a very strong hit worthy tune and would have drawn the listener in for longer after starting with the big rocking hit.  If I could have added something after that, it would have been a final version of the energetic demo "Oh, Tonight". I think those three play well in that order. Other than that, the next three records probably could not be improved, IMO.

Side One
Go All The Way
Don't Wanna say Goodbye
Oh, Tonight
I Saw The Light
Rock n Roll Mama

Side Two:
Come Around and See Me
Get It Moving
With You In My Life
I Can Remember

Just my two cents.......

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One time someone asked Eric if he ever thought about re-doing any of his lyrics.  Nobody else had any suggestions, so I put one out there, just to make it interesting.  It went over like a lead balloon...I like the order just fine, thank you!

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