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Change Of Heart Promo Poster


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Here's something you don't see everyday—an Arista Records in-store poster promoting the release of Eric's Change of Heart album. What I like about this poster is that it features an alternate image from the photoshoot that produced the cover of the LP. Cool, eh? Change of Heart was released in September 1978.


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HI Bernie,

This was an in-store poster? I've seen one that was just the LP cover enlarged (I got two copies of it back when it was released — but they haven't survived the years very well...). But I'd never seen this. Where'd you find it? 


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Having learned HMV was bought by Sunrise (nice thought) I can find it. As well, it's true, vinyl is coming back and I have the addresses for the vinyl record factory (owner loves his 33 1/3s) and Sunrise, so off to the store in search of the disc, since they sell new and "old". Hopefully somebody gave the album to them.

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LC:  I must be living back in 1979 then. I embarrassingly admit when I first came on here last fall and people in their comments were saying "posters",  that's what I thought they were talking about ...posters you hang on the wall.🤣

Love this picture of Eric , he certainly enjoyed having a cigarette in his hand for most pictures back then. Thanks for the bump..!

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This promo material further solidifies "Change of Heart" as my favorite album cover of Eric's. I know musically it didn't necessarily represent his most passionate work, but the reps at Arista nailed the visual aesthetic with the high-contrast B&W photography, the classy attire, heck even the font choice is top notch.

I for one think the music on the whole is pretty darned good too. It was a great album for 1978 and deserved to perform better.

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