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Raspberries Live On Sunset Strip


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Just got the special edition CDs & DVD- watched the complete concert. This was so good - so happy they made it available for those of us who didn't make it and those just wanting to relive a great night. 

The opening montage was wonderful and really well done. Makes me wish they'd do this again. I know that's not going to happen so maybe Eric will decide to do a show - he's got so many hits on his own. 

If you don't own this, go to The Raspberries' website & order before they run out.

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I'm happy too!! I inquired about delivery & Jim Bonfanti replied & had Al Kaston get in touch. Really nice guys - I let Al know I got it & thanked him for responding. 

Saw Bernie had a lot to do with putting it together! Really loved all the extras - 

Been a hard week - lost my fur baby 2 days ago. Watching the DVD definitely eased the pain❤️

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I just had my birthday on the 15th, my girlfriend surprised me with the Raspberries Live full 22 song DVD set. I had the 2CD and 5 song DVD set before.  

I knew "I can remember" kicked butt, but, watching it live just gave me goose bumps. I am so glad I finally got the whole show. It's only $49.95 now. Well worth it. Go Raspberries!!

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Best CD collection I've ever owned and cherished!!! Even sweeter, Eric and Jim graciously signed my copy of it at the Hard Rock Cafe the day after the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame "Raspberries" LIVE show back in 2009! What a magical night and next day! And one I won't ever forget!!! IF you don't have it, get it, you won't regret it!!!!!!


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