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Eric, A Married Man!

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24 minutes ago, Matthew C. Clark said:

Eric Carmen is married to Amy (don't know her last name) last Saturday!!!:wub: Congrats Eric!!!   Matt  

I saw his post on FB - 

He married Amy Murphy on Saturday. 

Wishing them every happiness❤️

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:heartpump: :) :heartpump: :) :heartpump: :) :heartpump: :) :heartpump: :) :heartpump: :) :heartpump: :) :heartpump: :):heartpump: :) :heartpump: :) :heartpump: :) :heartpump: 

Congratulations, Eric & Mrs.Carmen!!!

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.
I wish your love grow forever!


:heartpump: :) :heartpump: :) :heartpump: :) :heartpump: :) :heartpump: :) :heartpump: :) :heartpump: :) :heartpump: :) :heartpump: :) :heartpump: :) :heartpump: :) :heartpump: 

He announced on his FB and posted beautiful wedding photo!

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Congrats to the new married couple!

Eric has known Amy for awhile. A new helper.

Have a great honeymoon! - Europe? Vegas? Say 'Hi' to Celine; - Palm Springs, or Coachella to see the legendary shows this weekend? It was 85 degrees early evening in Coachella, a few days ago. Reduced tickets, online.

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