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I think I may be the first to welcome you, except for maybe Bernie. It's nice to find someone my son's age discovering good music. Eric and Raspberries are warm and friendly, and so are the members here. Don't be shy about commenting on subjects.

A few us want to get back into the chat room again. We come from all walks of life and learn so much about the world around us and the music world.

Have fun!

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To prettymom777: Thank you. :) Pleasure to meet you.

To GirlFan: Thank you :), Nice to meet you. Yeah. The Raspberries seem pretty infectious to some of the younger generation of rock fans.

To Raspbernie: Hey. :) Thank you and nice to meet you. Yeah. I think you are absolutely spot on. They say the drummers are the ones that create the whole energy, like in The Who, but it seems like even if the drummer wasn't as good as he was, The Raspberries would be able to still have a stand. He's one of the reasons I want to go into music college by the way. I saw a video interview where he says it's very important.

To susie b: Thank you so much :) Yeah, and nice to meet you! 

To Nancy and Eric: Thank you and nice to meet you. By the way, is your name such because Eric shares the same account? I've seen him on a message board as "Eric Carmen" talking about Wally XD, but it could have been old.

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On 9/11/2016 at 3:48 PM, Carlos said:

Hi. My name is Carlos and I love Eric Carmen, but mostly his Raspberries work. I'm 20 years old and absolutely loved 'em. One of my favorite guitar players is Wally. (I've played for 9 or 10 years.) 

Welcome Carlos to the family here ! I love Wally Bryson also he is a very talented guitarist I loved the raspberries also ! Do you play in a band ? My name is shelly nice to meet you here !

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