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Chip Sansom: Cartoonist, Raspberries Fan


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I know there's a couple of people who post on EC.com that heard Eric and the other band members pre-Raspberries.  Then, there's a bunch of us who caught on in the summer of '72, and rode that wave into Eric's solo career and beyond.  Still yet, another group that didn't discover Eric until they heard one of his solo mega-hits, and worked their way backwards to Raspberries.

Although my own journey didn't start until the summer of '72, I have contemplated what it must have been like to be one of those who come here and start their posts with, "Eric, remember (fill in the blank) at the Agora..." or something similar.  How cool is that?!?

Yet, my trip with Raspberries coincides with a certain girl in a certain place at a certain time, and the two can't be separated; nor can my journey with Raspberries/Eric be detached from my SoCal experience.  I'm sure you can draw parallels in your unbelievable ride with Eric/Raspberries!

So, while it would have been very cool to have been in Cleveland pre-Raspberries, I can't fathom it happening any other way for me.  But it is fun to think about it!


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Very thankful to live as close as I do to Cleveland. We've been up 3 or 4 times to catch Wally's solo shows, and we usually go once a month to listen to Abbey Rodeo, which features Jim on the drums and they play all British Invasion era tunes.  American and British. Way cool musical town for sure!

Regarding the video ... curious as heck to know why Wally had his back to the crowd throughout most of the song. ??


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Wow, though I'm a life long Raspberries fan ( I bought the 45 of "Go All The Way" when I was 9, my mom took it away from me and I bought another) one I'm still a newbie to this site, and finding more and more intertaining stuff like this every time I visit!!!! Keep it coming, guys!!!

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