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Happy Birthday, Eric!

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It has been a couple of month since I discovered Eric Carmens music, and it was the love at first sight :) . This discovery has enriched my life, and this music is a part of me, for sure. In addition to the music I have found you, dear website-friends :) , you have taught me a lot. Thank You!

Happy Birthday dear Mr Eric Carmen!

Greetings from Estonia!




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Happy Belated Birthday to you, dear Mr. Carmen!!  :D

We haven't heard from you in a while on the site, but I at least hope you check in to read up on us here every so often.  I like the interacting when you do show up, BUT --- if your absence means you are enjoying your life more and involved with your two wonderful children before they end up "leaving the nest" so to speak, THEN I AM SO VERY HAPPY AND PLEASED FOR YOU!!!  ^_^

Hope you had a blessed and wonderful day. One more year, :birthday:  you made it!!  YAAAAYYYYYY!!!!! :king:


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