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Most addicting chorus..


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13 hours ago, James said:

"Beach Baby" can make a case for greatest pop song ever, along with another one Burrows sang ("Love Grows")..


An all time favorite...I have to get up and dance around to Love Grows  ... It is a physical impossibility for me to sit still for this song.

But why did they rarely let Tony sing in the videos? 

He was a cutie pie, and with age has become a silver fox!

Guess the marketing department didn't want folks to know that these "acts" were just studio bands with Tony singing all the leads.



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Tony Burrows was a genius! He still gets up and sings if you put a few drinks in him. Would love to see that in person!

Reminds me of something really funny (and great!) that happened when EricCarmen.com celebrated Eric's birthday at my house back in 2007. A large group of fans hung out in my backyard for an EC.com barbecue with no advance notice that Eric himself would be dropping by. Well, he did. Eric hung out for several hours, posed for photos, made phone calls to fan family members and friends, and made sure everyone there had a night they'd never forget. Later on that evening, we had a bit of karaoke going on and after some good-natured prodding, Eric got up, grabbed the microphone and agreed to sing something. As he looked through the song selections, one tune caught his eye.

ERIC: Hmmmm. "Almost Paradise" in the style of Eric Carmen. I think I can do that.

All I could think about was the neighbors, who had to endure all of the bad singing that night, perking up when Eric started to croon thinking, "Now, that guy isn't bad." :)


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About Eric's comment, good one:lol:.

BTW, My son came to see me two days ago, and it look's like he has the guy's hair. NO RELATION WHATSOEVER. At 18, he want's to send the curly hair back  No way, Jose.

His Dad gave it to him. I'll get him to listen to "Almost Paradise" as soon as possible, I promise.

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About Tony Burrows, they used his as a studio singer (likely born singing) and He should have been given more credit. I saw the "Love Grows" video and yuck. Several number ones in a couple of years and a faceless wonder.

"Almost Paradise" is extremely well done as a solo, as much as I like Peter Cetera and Chrystal Bernard's version.

Eric's ears are burning. I have E.S.P.

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