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Happy Birthday AnneNR


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Neither Birdy, just a casual Basketball fan.  But watching some of the playoff games was very exciting! YEAAAYY to the winning team --- it was quite the battle!!!  Thanks for remembering me, dear Birdy, you're such a sweetie. :rolleyes:

Thank you, Girlfan, for the post. You are such a kind lady, and are always in a positive, happy state of mind. :D

SusieB---I don't know where you get them, but all the different cakes you come up with for when it is someone's birthday is comparable to me trying to always find something different in a video when I post for anyone's birthday here.  Sooo cool !!!!  And how did you know I am a chocoholic??!  Just looking at that cake you posted for me and I gained  3 pounds!!! :lol:

Bless you all.  I made it to another birthday, praise the Lord.  May your kindness to me return 10-fold.  Thanks, ladies!!


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Hey, prettymom777 ---

The trick is to get. HIGH OCTANE chocolate, i.e. 70 to 90 percent cocoa content. There were societies that used the processed cocoa like we use ground coffee.  The concoction is a mostly bitter beverage, but healthier for you in small quantities because it is so rich. I won't drink the stuff like that, but I try to get the higher cocoa percentage in chocolate like the Lindt choclate bars have in them.

What most people call chocolate is in reality only chocolate flavored by comparison, and LOADED with processed sugars, one of the worst inventions man has come up with.  Most everyone is addicted to it in one way or another because it's in everything, like salt and fats.

And most diabetics (type II) are totally preventable---and reversible if caught in time before it has caused too much damage. Most people are not willing to change their eating habits to achieve this because it becomes too inconvenient or it means their food choices are thought to be bland. More's the pity. I know of several people who have passed away because they valued their addictive food choices over living their lives.

I have trouble with sugar, but I have definitely ousted all but an extremely small list of chocolate products (or any other candies for that matter) that I bother with to avoid sugar and frankensteined chemical ingredients.

So believe me when I say that the cake SusieB posted is all the more delicious looking just because I have limited what I choose to eat. Looks VERY yummy, but after one slice, I would be all chocolated-out for some time to come! ::twitch::

And by the way......welcome back from wherever you have been away to.  The members come and go as life dictates how much time they have to join in here online.  I hope you come to value the new entities as well as the ones you remember from before. WELCOME!

AnneNR ^_^

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