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Eric Countdown

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Discovered this late but........

This internet radio station replays the original Casey Kasem AT40 broadcasts every weekday at 11 am and 11 pm Eastern Time in chronological order. Today they played February 14, 1976 which means All By Myself is already well on it's way (#14) up the charts to where it will eventually get to the #2 spot. Tomorrow will be Feb. 21 and will see a leap to the #7 position.





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March 27. 1976 - All By Myself drops to #4 after spending 3 weeks at #2. It was blocked by Love Machine-The Miracles on the first week of March, and then December 1963 (Oh What A Night)-Four Seasons the next two weeks.

But as Eric drops down 2 spots, Casey tells the story of a woman that was overcome by the Scratch n Sniff sticker that appeared on Raspberries first album.




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Yes they did. But they made a few comebacks like a boomerang. As for America's Top 40, my city and AM 740 Toronto played it at least until I lost my beloved radio from water damage due to an arson. I have a link for 740 on this laptop, so I can listen in each Saturday! Never say die. ( Don't ask me for the money, EC or Moses Znaimer owner of 740. Usually I would pay, but I am saving for an apartment). :lol:

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