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Rest in peace Christina Grimmie


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On 6/14/2016 at 0:27 AM, GirlFan said:

And I heard that the gunman shot himself too---Tammy Quick :(

As sad as this is for Ms. Grimmie, the man saved the justice system a lot of trouble and expense by taking himself out after being tackled by her big brother Marcus who was there with her at the meet and greet.  I don't know the shooter's background, but there will be some of his family members under a microscope after this mess. "WHY" is always a question needing answered, and whether or not we get one, this still is a senseless crime by someone whom I have no regrets about his shooting himself.  If he had mental problems, where are those who maybe knew he might do this?  If he was on medication or under a doctor's care, how did he get a gun? Sometimes there are no warning signs, and those who are determined to do this sort of thing find a way to access a firearm.

We have plenty of gun laws, Florida ironically enough is a favorable state for conceal and carry for gun owners. With few exceptions, the mass shootings that have occurred here in the U.S. are in places that are designated "gun free", in other words, a place where guns are NOT permitted to be by law.

The bad, disturbed, unbalanced, criminal, disgruntled, disenfranchised, outcasts of society, self-righteous executioners, and any and all other descriptives you could apply to a gunman(men) in these situations are not particularly concerned with any laws we have in place regarding where guns or weaponry are permitted.  So, until we can somehow address the "people" doing these things, regulating the tools they use to carry out their purposes beyond the regulations we already have on the books will change not one thing --- except to make the rest of us who do observe the laws helpless by denying us the right to be able to take up arms or have them immediately available on our person for situations just like this.  Off duty police personnel cannot be everywhere all the time (I believe they are permitted to carry their weapons when not On Duty).

I have heard it stated many times that an "armed society" is a polite society.  If these unfortunate souls committing these heinous crimes were aware that a good majority of people at most places in public are packing weapons, would it stop them from going through with their destructive plans??  If they are really determined, I believe not.  The only change would be that there is a better chance of someone among the armed citizenry that could take this guy out before he could get past the first few shots fired.

There would still be casualties, no mistake, but there would be less of them if the citizenry could react before authorities could make it to the crime scene, possibly lessening the impact the authorities and first responders would have to deal with upon arrival.

Pray for Ms. Grimmie's family, and the family members of the shooter who must certainly suffer the consequences of his actions in the public arena.

AnneNR :mellow:


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